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Eastside Cleaning Group is an entity of Eastside Truck Wash, Mobil Maintenance. We are a third generation cleaning company that has been in business for 50+ years serving Metro Detroit, with a wide range of cleaning experiences, specializing working in a Downtown environment maintaining a clean image for our clients to provide a wonderful experience! 

Our equipment is owned and operated by us. Our crew is experienced in the maintenance of our equipment which allows us the capability to maintain and keep our equipment at full capacity, 24/7.

​Eastside Cleaning Group holds a $5 million dollar general liability insurance policy. 

​We are an environmentally friendly pressure washing company. We have the capability to recover and recycle our water to ensure we save water and keep Michigan a "green" state. We are an EPA compliant pressure washing service that only uses eco-friendly and non-hazardous detergents and enzymes when pressure cleaning. We take extra precautions to ensure we keep environmentally friendly. We block storm water drains when cleaning commercial properties and all of our employees are trained in the eco-friendly cleaning process. 

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We guarantee knowledgeable representation for you and your company. Our reputation and history of success with our clients and their business needs speak for itself. There is

no substitution for the best. 

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It is our goal as a company to help improve the look of the Metro Detroit area, and we are dedicated to get that job done...call it our passion.

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